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Sansad में S.A.A.N.P

(संस्कृतनिष्ठ अभिव्यक्ति - अवलोकन निबंधन परिहास )


Parlimentary Sanskritization Expressionary : Obervation Registration and ROTF


Inside the live audio-visual-print archive of popular right-wing Indian polity broods in the background a ghost-like presence. Taking the shape of spells, parables, fables, deities, and mythologised nostalgia - an ancient extinct languaging weaves oddities inside and outside the parliament. This languaging-imaging manages much more than just consent - carving anticipations which often believe that etymology is destiny.


Sanskrit - tickles (from under the table) the subconscious desires of a Hindi and Hinglish speaking electorate - currently prioritising religion and religious imageries over that of poverty, unemployment, caste and gender struggles,etc. A vocabulary which can now be looped digitally- endlessly calls upon too often to respond (to invert/subvert/act/react/ or just nod) to fables as though they were political dictums. Acting like an imagined state - hegemonically proverbing, awkwardly spell-ing often a hit and miss - inside a living-thinking state. The parliament becomes a stage for the projection of a Brahminical self-righteousness through performances and campaigns driven primarily by Hindi idols and ideals, often taking a u-turn to an exclusionary extinct past/relic evoking a presumptive set of divinities.


"If you were ashamed, you would have listened to their sorrow as a Hindu.So walk on the other side of the border where civilization is stamped out.

Where a human being is sold, faith is bought. Islam fills the sobs, dollar smiles in the heart.The hungry are shot, the naked are armed. Jihadi slogans are raised from dry throats.

There is a dark shadow of mourning over Lahore, Karachi and Dhaka.The shadow of sad slavery is on Pakhtuns and Gilgit.

That's why I say that freedom is still incomplete. How do I celebrate? There is compulsion for a few days.

The day is not far when we will make the divided India unbroken again. Will celebrate Independence Day from Gilgit to Garo mountain.Make sacrifices from today onwards for that golden day. Don't get lost in what you got, meditate on what you lost."


- Extremely Hurriedly Google translated poem of former Hindu Nationalist PM (1998-2004) and Sanskritist Atal Bihari Vajpayee

The Hindu Nationalist’s attempts at revivalizing and glorifying Sanskritized moral grounds with its rigid connotations of caste-inequality (and its ensuing vote bank politics), brahminically-patriarchally cynicising the ordinariness and everydayness of adjacent languages, dialects and their keepers, and performing untimely hypermasculine triggers - weaves concern, stiffness, exhaustion and fear among marginalized voters and representatives.


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S.A.A.N.P. seeks to map and artistically interpret the manufacturing of consent which uses Sanskritized neo-ancestral hegemonic linguistic possessions, dramas, spells, parables, fables, deities, and their conscious anti-dotes from within and outside the living audio-visual-print archive/culture of the Indian Parliament spanning a period of 26 years. The period from 1998 to 2024, charts the trajectory from when the outspoken Hindu Nationalists were last in power during 1998-2004 to 2024 - when the next general elections are due, while the right-wing has been in power in the Centre for the last 9+ years. 

S.A.A.N.P is envisioned as an experimental long-form magazine/zine which collects, translates, interprets, re-imagines, and outlines moments of untimely oddities/weirding during this time-period when and where Sanskritized languaging makes attempts at generating chains of tacit consent and vote-banks in and around the Indian parliament.

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