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Listen to HKV Ecological Radio
Streaming Live from Bariya Studio, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi

The stream is located inside Hauz Khas Village, overlooking the medieval 13th-century Hauz Khas Complex, which houses a lake, the tomb of Sultan Firoz Shah Tughlaq of the Delhi Sultanate, remains of a madrasa and a mosque, surrounded by a forest patch.


Sunrise and sunset hours catch around 120 species of birds with their calls and songs. The stream also catches Azan (call to prayer), five times a day from a nearby mosque while most afternoons local vendors with their carts, and children can be heard from the street below. The street, which is at the intersection of two small slums, becomes sonically very proactive during times of political campaigns, rallies, and public meetings. Evenings usually catch echoes from surrounding cafes and pubs hosting live music events, while as night approaches, Indian spotted eagles, Indian Flying fox bats and some Brown Fish Owls come to rest in the Peepal Tree directly overlooking the stream box. 

Supported by Soundcamp & Locussonus

HKV Lake


Regular hosts on the radio


HKV Night-sky

Listen to 24/7
Live Ecological Radio from our studio
(At the The Hauz Khas Complex, New Delhi)

Live audio transmitter

Provided by Soundcamp and Locusonus
(Sound artists Grant Smith and Hannah Kemp Welch) 

 Locus Sonus (
Stream Project is a network of open microphones that stream the captured audio environment live from locations spread around the globe to their server.

Over the last ten years this project has developed from a single remote microphone, to become a worldwide pooled resource used by numerous artists and enjoyed by countless listeners.

Using and/or participating in the stream project implies questioning ‘traditional’ listening and compositional practices where audio content is pre-determined. It raises questions regarding ‘real-time’ and ‘real-space’ as well as continuity and mobility that are reflected overall in the corpus of artistic creations.

Among the stream boxes located in India (in Banagaluru, Kolkata, and New Delhi), Bariya Studio hosts and the maintains the Streambox in New Delhi, located near the Hauz Khas Complex. 

Powered by The Acoustic Commons

The Acoustic Commons is a Small Cooperation Project supported in part by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union.

Acoustic Commons is an emerging network of live environmental streams drawing attention to the unique sounds of particular places across Europe and beyond. The main participants are Full of Noises (Barrow, Cumbria - lead partner), Locus Sonus (Aix-Marseille), CONA (Ljubljana), Soundcamp (London), HMU (Crete) and Cyberforest (Tokyo).

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