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Pratyush Pushkar & Riya Raagini a.k.a. Bariya is a queer transdisciplinary artist and writer duo from New Delhi, India. Their practice seeds itself at intersections of sound and poetry, in meditation, synthesizing and reconciling through the digital tactility, affinity and politics of images, philosophy, and language, aiming to examine and host alternative forms of cognition, spirituality and resolve, in a background of decolonial service, non-cooperation and care.


Their practice navigates through creating/rediscovering queer/granular cognitive responses, collaborative ecological & bioacoustic listening, running an ecological radio station, mediating everyday sonic reconciliations through posthuman meditations, and bridging queer gaps across Hindi, English and other languages through an expanding archive of translations. They are often found in between threads of radical restfulness, storytelling, polyphonic singing, learning quantum yearnings of body, disorientation and play- journaling ‘अकर्मण्य ब्लूज़’

Their work has recently been exhibited, broadcasted, and published at Akademie Schloss Solitude, Germany (2022), Thyssen Bornemisza National Museum, Madrid (2021), Prospect Art, Los Angeles (2022), Andalusian Centre for Contemporary Creation, Spain (2023), Audioblast Festival, France (2023), City Museum of Ljubljana, Slovenia (2021), Acoustic Commons - As If Radio (2021), The European Capital of Culture #ESCH22, Radio Tsonami, Tsonami Arte Sonoro, Chile (2021), Radhiophrenia, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow (2022), Future Nostalgia FM - Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Germany (2022), Sadaneera (2020), Wrong Biennale (2021-22), Festival Sur Aural, Bolivia (2021), KHOJ International Artists Association (2024), Festival Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria (2023), Forum Wallis, Switzerland (2024), among others.

They are currently part of the exhibition, 'Network Culture' at 421 Arts Centre, Mina Zayed, Abu Dhabi, running till April 28, 2024.



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