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Med Dew Dims Album's track Gold's cover by bariya.

Grains of poetry in noncooperation, threaded into night ragas, flowing (soul techno) through

Track 'Gold' is a part of  a radio loop to be played for a 1000 years into the future at Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany. .

Figure 4, disremembered options, Bariya, 2022

Kalachakra gathers temporal hacks within an archive of translated Hindi poetry spanning epochs. Synthesizing fragments in Hindi poetics with  contrapuntal plead and spirituality,

BaRiya’s anthology represents language’s quantum and inherited nature. Or with what they describe as »chants and lore emanating from language’s dips into temporal devices,

of disrememberment, of devotion, of ruins, of elsewhere(s), of waiting, of delays; of restfulness.«

Akademie Schloss Solitude Logo.
Sadaneera Logo
A Hindi journal of
contemporary art
and poetry

Sadaneera Queer 21 In print.

Feb 2020-2021 

ISSN 2321-1474

A diamond is forever cover.

Critical-Poetical dialogue with 
Stephanie Deumer's 'A Diamond is Forever' 

Commissioned by Prospect Art ( under the 'One Work' program : Dedicated to a critical dialogue that focuses on one specific completed work by an artist, uniting visual artists and critical writers.

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