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Riya Raagini | Pratyush Pushkar
a.k.a. Bariya is a queer transdisciplinary artist and writer duo from New Delhi, India.


Their practice seeds itself at intersections of sound and poetry, in meditation, synthesizing and reconciling through the digital tactility, affinity and politics of images, philosophy, and language, aiming to examine and host alternative forms of cognition, spirituality and resolve, in a background of decolonial service, non-cooperation and care.


Kalachakra gathers temporal hacks within an archive of translated Hindi poetry spanning epochs. Synthesizing fragments in Hindi poetics with  contrapuntal plead and spirituality,  BaRiya’s anthology represents language’s quantum and inherited nature. Or with what they describe as »chants and lore emanating from language’s dips into temporal devices, of disrememberment, of devotion, of ruins, of elsewhere(s), of waiting, of delays; of restfulness.«

Bariya med dew dims cover

Grains of poetry in noncooperation,
threaded into night ragas, flowing (soul techno) through Bromine...

Track 'Gold' is a part of  a radio loop to be played for a 1000 years into the future at Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany. .

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